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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

RF, Microwave, Millimeter Wave, and Terahertz Trends in 2024 JJ DeLisle
Discover the International Microwave Symposium, where global RF professionals gather to showcase cutting-edge developments, and dive into the multifaceted realm of RF technology, surveying innovations ranging from the evolution of wireless power transfer to the integration of ML in radar design.

Wireless IoT Designs Just Got Easier Microchip Technology
The explosive growth of small and low-power wireless devices is being fueled by the desire to automate homes, buildings, factories, roads, and more. For security, information, safety, and protection, wireless designs have been simplified with the introduction of the WBZ351.

New Tech Tuesdays: Drones: From Recreational Toy to Essential Tool Rudy Ramos
Drones have progressed from their recreational origins to become indispensable tools in a wide range of businesses and applications. Farmers, emergency managers, and urban planners may all readily obtain off-the-shelf drones for immediate use, making aerial imagery more accessible than ever before.

New Tech Tuesdays: The Internet: A Retrospective Journey of Innovation and Connectivity Rudy Ramos
The internet is widely regarded as one of humanity's most significant inventions. From a visionary concept in the early 1960s, it has evolved into the de-facto means of global communications and entertainment and is a vital part of today's global economy.

New Tech Tuesdays: Empowering Independence: The Impact of GNSS on Elder Care Rudy Ramos
Combining sensing and positioning technologies offers tremendous potential for enhancing the autonomy and well-being of elderly individuals. Enter the MIA-M10 series GNSS modules, providing precise positioning, while privacy-centric designs ensure data security and remote monitoring capabilities.

Disconnecting in a Connected World Matt Campbell
When was the last time you went several hours without looking at a screen? After spending some time disconnected from the digital world, you realize how low the bar for your attention has fallen.

New Tech Tuesdays: Seamless Matter Integration with the Qorvo QPG6105 IoT Dev Kit Rudy Ramos
Discover the future of smart home technology with the Qorvo QPG6105 IoT Development Kit, featuring Qorvo’s ConcurrentConnect technology that simplifies the creation of interoperable, scalable smart devices across Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Matter.

New Tech Tuesdays: Voice-Controlled Comfort in the Smart Home Rudy Ramos
Smart home gadgets have turned regular houses into places full of intelligent, connected devices that offer both ease and safety. Aided by a variety of IoT technologies, this significant change in how homes function has made life more convenient and secure.

UWB Unlocks the Potential of Smart Vehicle Tech Qorvo
UWB technology is emerging as a crucial wireless standard for smart vehicles, offering reliable, accurate location tracking and secure, energy-efficient communication for applications like digital key technology, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and collision avoidance.

How Wi-Fi 7 Will Transform Gaming Jens Hilgendag
Improving speed, latency, capacity, and reliability, Wi-Fi 7 promises to reduce the lag and connectivity issues that hinder gamers, blur the line between the physical and virtual world, and expand multiplayer experiences.

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