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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Unlocking Sustainable Power Solutions at APEC 2024 Carolyn Mathas
APEC 2024 will showcase the latest trends in power electronics, focusing on sustainability through advances in power conversion technologies. This trend includes the electrification of transport, wideband semiconductors reducing reliance on silicon, and the integration of power and data lines.

Reliable LDO Voltage Regulators Have Advantages Nisshinbo
LDO voltage regulators provide advantages in simplicity and efficiency for low-power applications and secondary power supplies. The NR1600 series from Nisshinbo exemplifies these benefits with its small size, programmable soft start, and excellent regulation, making it ideal for portable devices.

The Evolving Edge: Transformation Is Now NXP
Microcontroller evolution is keeping pace with the needs of embedded system designers, focusing on IoT, edge processing, industrial automation, and more. Integrating a multi-core design, on-chip accelerators, and an eIQ Neutron NPI gives designers the horsepower needed to advance state-of-the-art innovations.

New Tech Tuesdays: Analog Devices ADuM3195: A New Era in Isolated Voltage Sensing Rudy Ramos
In advanced electronic applications, the need for isolated amplifiers is critical. Analog Devices ADuM3195 isolated amplifiers with iCoupler® Technology are essential devices in systems where signal integrity and safety are paramount, especially in environments with high voltage or noise levels.

New Tech Tuesdays: Enhancing Machine Reliability with QUINT POWER with IO-Link Rudy Ramos
Power supplies fueled by Phoenix Contact QUINT POWER with IO-Link enhance manufacturing efficiency, productivity, and reliability by providing detailed diagnostics, simplifying efficient data communication, enabling easy access to machine parameters, and allowing adjustments during operations.

New Tech Tuesdays: Beyond 1s and 0s: The Quantum Leap in Artificial Intelligence Rudy Ramos
The term "singularity" has evolved from cosmic mysteries to a future where AI might surpass human intellect. Modern supercomputers pave the way for this potential leap. Central to this progress is the Analog Devices MAX17614, excelling in power efficiency and source switching.

New Tech Tuesdays: Ambient Power: Energy-Harvesting Robots Rudy Ramos
In the quest for sustainability and efficiency, energy-harvesting robots stand out as innovative wonders. With their ability to extract power from the environment, these robots present a novel approach to autonomous operations, challenging age-old norms of charging and battery replacement.

New Tech Tuesdays: Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries: A Legacy of NASA’s Space Missions Shaping Modern Energy Solutions Rudy Ramos
Nickel-hydrogen batteries may be old technology, but they continue to prove their worth. This tried-and-true battery design merges lessons from NASA's legacy technology with modern applications, providing energy solutions that bridge the gap between reliability, sustainability, and efficiency.

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality: Environmental Sensors Use Case Ronan Cooney
Environmental sensing technology has enabled indoor air-quality monitoring solutions that track contaminants such as CO2, PM, and VOCs. Designing these systems requires the correct choice of sensor and other considerations to balance the tradeoff between power consumption and performance.

Evolving Battery Management Systems Qorvo
The latest lithium-ion battery technologies demand higher cell counts, current densities, and efficiency than ever before. Advanced battery management system (BMS) technology is needed to enable these new technologies and unleash the full potential of lithium-ion battery technology.

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