Committed to answering your growing electronic component needs

Engineers' design needs are all over the board. That's the reason why Mouser offers the largest selection of semiconductors and electronic components from over 1,100 manufacturer brands. Access over 5 million products online with nearly a million products actively in stock. If that's not enough, even more new products are added to our inventory every day. Our extensive product offering includes semiconductors, development boards, IP&E, sensors, LEDs and more. As a leading global authorized distributor, we stand ready to answer all your design and prototyping needs.

Quality tech support & customer service just got even closer

At Mouser, we're committed to delivering outstanding service and support that serves as a catalyst for innovation. Our new office has a team of dedicated customer service people to help place orders and find the right component for your design needs. Placing us in a great position to answer your semiconductor and electronic components needs for design and prototype development.

Mouser Delivers

  • Over 1,100 manufacturer brands
  • Newest Products In Stock
  • Widest Product Selection
  • Information & Resources to Speed Design
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Fast, Accurate Order Deliveries
  • No Minimum Orders
  • Quality Service Regardless of Order Size

Customers receive all-inclusive pricing, including free shipping on orders over CAD $100.00.*

*Some restrictions may apply.

Photo above provided by Nick Stanley / SRM Architects

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Phone: 800-346-6873
Address: Catalyst137
137 Glasgow Street
Unit 475A
Kitchener, Ontario N2G 4X8