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Lexus Builds Hoverboard Because Hoverboard Erik Smith

People seem to just want to keep toying with my hoverboard-yearning heart.  After Funny or Die's almost convincing, but ultimate hoax, and Hendo Hover's exorbitantly priced Kickstarter campaign, Lexus is now in on the hover-game. Earlier today, the luxury car manufacturer released a teaser video, claiming to have created a "real, rideable hoverboard."

Spoiler Alert: Don't get too excited for any riding demos

Incorporating elements found in their vehicles, the design looks very cool. The technology inside utilizes liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets to hover. This means, like the Hendo Hoverboard mentioned above, it can only operate in a controlled environment, so there are definitely magnets underneath that concrete surface. Still, the feat is pretty impressive.

Don't plan on camping outside your local Lexus dealer on October 21st, however. This slick board is just a one-off, created solely for their "Amazing in Motion" marketing campaign.


Source: beyondbylexus on Instagram

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Erik is the Social and Multi-Media Manager at Mouser Electronics. When he’s not tweeting about what’s next in the world of engineering for @MouserElec or uploading videos to YouTube, he can typically be found nose-down in a good Sci-Fi book. You can see what he’s up to on Twitter: @ErikSmith80

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