Melexis MLX91221 Current Sensors

Melexis MLX91221 Current Sensors operate on a 3.3V voltage supply and are robust against external magnetic fields. These 0A to 50A integrated Hall effect sensors provide dual overcurrent detection (OCD) on-chip with a separated output, reducing the need for external comparators for overcurrent protection. They sense the current flowing through the leadframe of their SOIC package, minimizing the thermal losses encountered with more standard solutions. The all-in-one MLX91221 sensors offer a small footprint, low impedance, high bandwidth, and isolation. Melexis MLX91221 Current Sensors feature high-speed sensing with a 2μs response time and DC to 300kHz bandwidth. The lead-free components are suitable for lead-free soldering profile up to +260°C, MSL3. Applications include AC and DC chargers, electric drives, DC-DC converters, solar, power supplies, and demand/load control.


  • Factory trimmed AC and DC current sensor
  • Analog ratiometric or fixed output voltage
  • Operates on a 3.3V voltage supply
  • Combines a sensing element, signal conditioning, and isolation in a miniature surface-mount package
  • High-speed sensing
    • DC to 300kHz bandwidth
    • 2μs response time
  • Robust against external magnetic fields
  • No magnetic hysteresis
  • Double overcurrent detection (SOIC-16)
  • AEC-Q100 automotive qualified
  • RoHS-compliant packages
    • SOIC-8 narrow body
    • SOIC-16 wide
  • Low ohmic losses of integrated conductor
    • 0.9mΩ SOIC-8
    • 0.75mΩ SOIC-16
  • Rated voltage isolation as per IEC/UL 62368-1:2014 (2nd edition)
    • 2.4kVRMS for SOIC-8
    • 4.8kVRMS for SOIC-16
  • Lead-free component, suitable for lead-free soldering profile up to +260°C, MSL3


  • AC and DC chargers
  • Electric drives
  • DC-DC converters
  • Solar
  • Power supplies
  • Demand/Load control

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Melexis MLX91221 Current Sensors

Block Diagram

Melexis MLX91221 Current Sensors


Published: 2020-12-07 | Updated: 2022-06-15