Kinetic Technologies KTD2052 12-Channel RGB LED Drivers

Kinetic Technologies KTD2052 12-Channel RGB LED Drivers are a fully programmable current regulator for up to four RGB LEDs (12 LEDs total). The device is ideally powered from a supply rail in the 3V to 5V nominal range. A 4-wire bus is multiplexed to reduce the pin-count and PCB traces to the LEDs. Each pin on the bus integrates a switch to the input voltage and a programmable low-dropout current sink regulator. The I2C control interface is used to set the on/off status and individual LED currents and adjust the fade rate. An internal flexible pattern generator with a watchdog counter enables set-and-forget pattern executions, while more complex patterns may be executed via the I2C interface from system firmware.

There are four versions: the KTD2052A/C are defaulted disabled at initial power-up, while the KTD2052B/D execute an AutoBreathe™ pattern by default at initial power-up or when reset. The KTD2052A/B use 0x74 7-bit I2C slave address, while the KTD2052C/D use 0x75. BrightExtend™ optionally reduces dropout when the input voltage is too low for the forward voltage of the LEDs. Programmable CoolExtend™ prevents excessive heat when the input voltage, current settings, and ambient temperature are high. The Kinetic Technologies KTD2052 is packaged in a RoHS and Green compliant 2mm x 2mm UDFN package.


  • Drives up to 12 LEDs (4 RGBs)
  • Multiplexed LED current driver outputs
    • Only 4 PCB traces to the LEDs
    • 20.8kHz MUX frequency prevents audio noise
  • 14 million colors
    • 125µA to 24mA in 125µA steps LED current
    • 8µA to 1.5mA in 8µA steps night-mode
    • 5% max. current accuracy and matching
  • 12 independent exponential fade-engines
    • Ultra-smooth 3072-step (8µA) fade resolution
    • 3-bit programmable fade-rate
    • Flexible pattern generator with watchdog counter
    • Optional AutoBreathe™ mode (KTD2052B/D)
  • Patented BrightExtend™ technology
    • Maintains color accuracy and PSRR for battery-powered applications with low VIN
  • Proprietary CoolExtend™ technology
    • 2-bit programmable maximum die-temp
  • 0.6µA automatic shutdown (standby) current
  • 1MHz I2C serial interface
  • 2.5V to 5.5V operating supply voltage range
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • 8 pin UDFN 2x2mm (0.5mm pitch)


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart loudspeakers
  • IoT, gaming keyboards/controllers/VR, robots, indicator/button lighting
  • BLUETOOTH®/WiFi loudspeakers
  • Automotive panel, accent, and mood lighting

Applications Diagram

Application Circuit Diagram - Kinetic Technologies KTD2052 12-Channel RGB LED Drivers
Published: 2021-10-19 | Updated: 2023-09-08