Analog Devices / Maxim Integrated MAX96705 16-Bit GMSL Serializer

Analog Devices MAX96705 16-Bit GMSL Serializer is a compact serializer with features especially suited for automotive camera applications. This device is function and pin-compatible with the MAX9271. In the high-bandwidth mode, the parallel clock maximum is 116MHz for 12-bit linear or combined HDR data types. The embedded control channel operates at 9.6kbps to 1Mbps in UART, I2C, and mixed UART/I2C modes, allowing programming of the serializer, deserializer, and camera registers independent of video timing. For driving longer cables, the IC has programmable pre/de-emphasis. A programmable spread spectrum is available on the serial output. The serial output meets ISO 10605 and IEC 61000-4-2 ESD standards.

The Analog Devices MAX96705 GMSL Serializer is available in a 5mm x 5mm TQFN-32 package with a 0.5mm pitch and operates over
the -40°C to +115°C temperature range.


  • Ideal for safety camera applications
    • Works with low-cost 50ω coax (100Ω STP) cables
    • Error detection of video/control data
    • High-immunity mode for robust control-channel EMC tolerance
    • Retransmission of control data upon error detection
    • Low 93mA (max) supply current
    • Pre/De-emphasis allows 15m cable at full speed
    • 5mm x 5mm TQFN-32 package with 0.5mm lead pitch
  • High-speed data serialization for megapixel cameras
    • Up to 1.74Gbps serial-bit rate
    • 12.5MHz to 87.0MHz x 14 bit + H/V data
    • 36.66MHz to 116.0MHz x 12-bit + H/V data (through internal encoding)
  • Multiple Modes for System Flexibility
    • 9.6kbps to 1Mbps control channel in UART, I2C (with clock stretch), or UART-to-I2C modes
    • Crosspoint switch accepts any input bitmap
    • Modes for encoded VSYNC and HSYNC
  • Reduces EMI and shielding requirements
    • Programmable output spread spectrum
    • Tracks spread spectrum applied at the parallel input
    • 1.7V to 3.6V I/O supply
  • Peripheral features for camera power-up and verification
    • Built-in PRBS generator for BER testing
    • Dedicated GPO for camera frame-sync trigger and other uses
    • Remote/local wake-up from sleep mode
  • Meets AEC-Q100 automotive specification
    • -40°C to +115°C operating temperature
    • ±8kV contact and ±15kV Air IEC 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605 ESD protection


  • Automotive cameras
  • Machine vision


Published: 2016-06-09 | Updated: 2023-04-19