Analog Devices / Maxim Integrated MAX17310 EZ Fuel Gauges

Analog Devices MAX17310 EZ Fuel Gauges are 24µA IQ stand-alone pack-side fuel gauge ICs. The gauges feature a protector, optional battery internal self-discharge detection, and optional SHA-256 authentication for 1-cell lithium-ion/polymer batteries. The IC monitors the voltage, current, temperature, and state of the battery. This provides against over/undervoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit, over/under temperature, overcharge, and internal self-discharge conditions. The Analog Devices devices use external high-side N-FETs and provide charging prescriptions to ensure that the lithium-ion/polymer battery operates under safe conditions prolonging the life of the battery.


  • Battery health + programmable safety/protection
    • Overvoltage (temperature dependent)
    • Overcharge current
    • Over/undertemperature
    • Battery internal self-discharge detection (MAX17300/10 only)
    • Ideal diode discharge during charge fault
    • Charging prescriptions (JEITA)
    • Zero-volt charging option
    • Undervoltage + SmartEmpty
    • Overdischarge/short-circuit
  • Nonvolatile memory for stand-alone operation
    • History logging, user data (122 bytes)
  • Low quiescent current
    • FETs enabled: 24pA active, 18pA hibernate
    • FETs disabled: 5pA ship, 0.5pA/0.02pA DeepShip
  • Parallel battery management (MAX17300/10 only)
  • Pushbutton wakeup — eliminates system consumption until button press
  • ModelGauge m5 EZ algorithm
    • Percent, capacity, time-to-empty/full, age
    • Cycle+™ age forecast
  • Dynamic power — estimates power capability
  • Precision measurement without calibration
    • Current, voltage, power, time, cycles
    • Die temperature/thermistor


  • Smartphones, tablets, and 2-in-1 laptops
  • Smartwatches and wearables medical devices
  • Health and fitness monitors
  • Digital still, video. and action cameras
  • Handheld computers and terminals
  • Handheld radios
  • Home and building automation, sensors
  • Smart batteries

Circuit Diagram

Analog Devices / Maxim Integrated MAX17310 EZ Fuel Gauges
Published: 2021-10-18 | Updated: 2023-04-17