Analog Devices Inc. LTC4249 Dual Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB)

Analog Devices Inc. LTC4249 Dual Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB) provides independent overcurrent protection to a pair of loads. Each channel has a precision enable input, current monitor output, and ready status output. A single resistor configures the ECB threshold. If either channel detects an overcurrent condition, the corresponding breaker disconnects the input from the load.

After a circuit breaker event, the open-drain RDY status output of the Analog Devices Inc. LTC4249 pulls low, and the ECB latches off. Toggling the enable input turns the ECB back on after a 1-second cool-off period. The cool-off timer, overtemperature sensor, short-circuit detector, and inrush controller prevents operation outside the circuit breakers' safe operating area.

The precision enable inputs, ready outputs, and analog current monitor outputs permit voltage sequencing and closed-loop bias current control applications. ECB channels may be paralleled as needed. Load isolation and reverse current detection applications are also possible.


  • High voltage dual SPST, current sharing allowed
  • 5% accurate analog current monitor outputs
  • Adjustable circuit breaker thresholds to 1.2A
  • Filtered (50μs) primary OC threshold
  • Fast (2μs) secondary OC threshold
  • 75mΩ integrated switches
  • Automatic inrush control
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Precision enable inputs
  • Open-drain, ready status outputs
  • 16-lead 3mm × 3mm LQFN and 12-lead (skipped lead) 3mm × 4mm LQFN


  • 5G mMIMO PA array protection
  • Industrial safety
  • Condition monitoring
  • Relay replacement
  • Load switching

Typical Application

Application Circuit Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. LTC4249 Dual Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB)
Published: 2021-10-29 | Updated: 2022-03-11