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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

The Internet of Useful Things, or “The World’s Most Expensive Egg Timer” Lynnette Reese
How did we get here? I could use several lifetimes up just in projects. The tools available to the masses seem to be fueled by IoT. We can all engineer a little IoT, apparently.

The Internet of Saving Things Warren Miller
The Internet of Things is going to dramatically change the ways in which we manage the many Things in our lives. Just look at the changing nature of our personal possessions. One of the biggest changes for me is reflected in the size of my book, CD and DVD cases.

5G: Tall Order or Tall Tale? Barry Manz
If you believe what the wireless industry is saying about 5G, the fifth generation of cellular technology, you’d think it was the equivalent of landing a man on the moon. Not only will we have lightning-quick data rates and expanded coverage, 5G will make it possible to connect everyone with every “thing” that needs to be connected. That’s a tall order that could wind up being a tall tale, for several reasons.

The Internet of Finding Things Warren Miller
To me, the projections for the number of Things we will have in the Internet of Things is mind boggling. Cisco projects that there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. That’s a big number. How are we going to keep track of all our IoT ‘Things’ when there are that many of them? I have trouble keeping track of my phone, car keys and TV remote control.

The Internet of Naming Things Warren Miller
One of the interesting things, at least to me, about the Internet of Things (IoT) is that every ‘thing’ will have its own address. You might be able to communicate with each of these things by just referencing its address. More complicated things might even have their own email address. You could be able to send messages to your coffee pot, your thermostat and your door lock just as you would send an email to a friend or family member.

Powered by the Intel Edison Mike Parks
A long time ago (January 2014) at a Consumer Electronics Show far, far away (unless you live in Las Vegas), Intel unveiled their Edison “computer-on-module” development board aimed at wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. A mashup of an Arduino and Raspberry Pi, with a dash of WiFi, Bluetooth, and a 4GB of flash memory compressed into a package just a little larger than an SD card, the Edison has proven to be a formidable embedded platform. In the months since the world got their hands on the Edison boards, a lot of amazing projects have emerged. We’ll take a look at four Edison-based creations that have captured our imaginations.

Were Those Boots Really Made for Walking? Or for Talking? Mark Patrick
One of the great things about being human is man’s unfailing curiosity and desire to solve problems. Even though sometimes that ability can take us a bit too far so that we end up with things that really don’t get us anywhere. While humans may be good at solving problems, they’re also pretty good at reinventing the wheel, or even at solving one problem only to find they’ve created another. You only have to look back through history to find it littered with examples.

The Internet of Controlling Things Warren Miller
The ability to track energy use on almost a device-by-device basis and use energy when it is least expensive is another potential for significant savings. Controlling things seems to be a compelling application for the Internet of Things.

Turn The Lights Down and Get Some REST: A Trojan Horse for Automating Commercial Buildings Mike Parks
At a recent energy conference there was a great deal of discussion on how the commercial real estate market might leverage the current infatuation with smart devices, and buzz around the Internet of Things to help propel building automation technology into widespread adoption. It would seem that the technology maturity, price points, and market desire are finally beginning to intersect. In the final analysis many experts, including technologists, energy managers, engineers, and real estate professionals seemed to converge on the notion that lighting will be the key technology that will help other control technologies, such as HVAC, to finally gain greater adoption rates.

Creating Wisdom in the Internet of Things- the IoT ‘Killer App’? Warren Miller
The Internet of Things (IoT) will provide an avalanche of data. Remote sensors for just about every ‘Thing’ will provide data on the location of cars, busses, packages, and your dog, as well as measurements of your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and even the amount of half and half in your refrigerator. Lots and lots of data.

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