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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

QSPICE Simplifies Circuit Modeling Qorvo
The increasing integration of digital circuitry in analog chips and vice versa challenges traditional SPICE tools' performance. Qorvo's QSPICE, a cutting-edge circuit simulation software, is the market's most advanced mixed-mode simulator, simplifying complex circuit design modeling for engineers.

New Tech Tuesdays: Voice-Controlled Comfort in the Smart Home Rudy Ramos
Smart home gadgets have turned regular houses into places full of intelligent, connected devices that offer both ease and safety. Aided by a variety of IoT technologies, this significant change in how homes function has made life more convenient and secure.

Is Spatial Audio Making Headway? Jon Gabay
Audiophiles take extreme measures to optimize and perfect their listening experiences. What's loved by one generation is old school to the next. With a lot of technical advances having had their moment, only to fade into obscurity, how and where will spatial audio thrive?

Next-Gen Connector Upgrade for the Standard RJ45 Hirose Electric
Hirose's ix Industrial™ technology is paving the way for next-generation connectors, transitioning from the standard RJ45. This evolution is critical in catering to the burgeoning demand for higher data rates, stringent factory automation conditions, and the rise of IoT.

New Tech Tuesdays: Smart Glasses: From Vision Correction to High Tech Rudy Ramos
The journey from basic eyeglasses to smart glasses reflects incredible advancements in technology and design. As innovations continue, the line between traditional eyewear and wearable technology will blur, leading to new possibilities and ways to enhance our daily lives.

Future-proofing TMS Design with Cloud-Based Software Poornima Apte
Cloud-based TMS solutions enable enterprises to efficiently manage and optimize their supply chain operations in real-time. Their scalability, accessibility, and integration with advanced technologies provide a robust framework for the ever-evolving demands of commerce.

New Tech Tuesdays: Beyond 1s and 0s: The Quantum Leap in Artificial Intelligence Rudy Ramos
The term "singularity" has evolved from cosmic mysteries to a future where AI might surpass human intellect. Modern supercomputers pave the way for this potential leap. Central to this progress is the Analog Devices MAX17614, excelling in power efficiency and source switching.

Key Application Areas of MEMS Liam Critchley
MEMS contain many different electronic and mechanical components and perform various bulk functions based on the components within. The range of materials and components available to MEMS has enabled them to be designed for a wide array of applications across many different industries.

How Are MEMS Fabricated? Liam Critchley
A combination of many different fabrication methods have enabled MEMS to be used in a range of applications, and as fabrication methods get more advanced and their resolutions get narrower, smaller features and smaller components are being created within MEMS devices.

New Tech Tuesdays: Revolutionizing Logistics: The Age of AI Truck Loading Robots Rudy Ramos
As package shipments peak, the manual loading process in logistics, historically resource-intensive and accident-prone, is being revolutionized with the introduction of AI robotic loading that streamlines operations, reduces costs, and heralds a new era in the global supply chain.

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