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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

David Pike is well known across the interconnect industry for his passion and general geekiness. His online name is Connector Geek.

Making Sense of Smell Sensors David Pike
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly used for complex decision-making, with sensors vital in providing necessary information. Olfactory sensors, for example, can detect odors from hidden or obscured objects, making them unique and versatile.

Assessing Whether Commercial Alternatives to MIL-Spec Connectors Are Right for Your Design David Pike
High-reliability connectors are renowned in the interconnection industry, ensuring superior performance and reliability. However, they come at a cost. Before seeking a high-reliability connector for demanding needs, consider if it is truly essential.

The Future of eMobility David Pike
The promotion of electric power vehicles, driven by better batteries and the expanding infrastructure for electric cars, is a significant trend in the automotive industry. However, other changes are also taking place, such as the redesign and usage of vehicles with new technology.

Connectors for Medical Equipment David Pike
Medical lab equipment is every bit as critical to patient care as the machines found in the operating room or doctor’s offices. Connectors used for medical research and testing must deliver high precision to achieve the best clinical outcomes.

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