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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Arden Henderson spent at least part of his life toolsmithing in dark, steam-powered workshops of software tool forges long gone, drenched in blood, sweat, and code under the glare of cathode ray tubes, striving for the perfect line of self-modifying software and the holy grail of all things codecraft: The perfectly rendered pixel. These days, when not working on his 1964 Flux Blend time machine (which he inadvertently wrecked before it was built after a particularly deep recursive loop), Mr. Henderson works in part-time castle elf and groundskeeper jobs, chatting with singularities spawned from code gone mad in vast labyrinths of vacuum tubes, patch cords, and electro-mechanical relays. Mr. Henderson earned a B.S.C.S. late in life at Texas A&M. Over the hundreds of years gone by before then and after, he has worked in various realms ranging from petrochemical wonderlands spread across the flat Gulf Coast saltgrass plains, as far as the eye can see, to silicon bastions deep in the heart of Central Texas.

Part II: Use HTML-based Email, Become Famous Arden Henderson
Let’s take a quick look at how your basic dubious HTML-based email is strung together.

Part I: Use HTML-based Email, Become Famous Arden Henderson
Exploiting Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Wintry Wonderland of Malicious Packets Hither and Thither Part II Arden Henderson
More scary stories of IoT run amok and DDoS destruction

Wintry Wonderland of Malicious Packets Hither and Thither Part I Arden Henderson
Scary stories of IoT run amok and DDoS destruction

Vehicle Lighting with LEDs Arden Henderson
Light Emitting Diode (LED) illumination is everywhere now. Though a slow start due to cost, LED lighting[0] is less costly now, ever so more versatile, and is scaling up rapidly in applications for homes, businesses, signage, and automotive applications, for starters.

Automobile As Living Room On Wheels Is Problematic Arden Henderson
It is becoming difficult to tell the difference between automobiles and living rooms. For decades, sound systems improved. Tube radios were the beginning. Eight-tracks, cassette decks, CD players, iPod docks. Depending on options, car sound systems begin to rival then surpass what many drivers had in their homes. Then, entertainment electronics moved way beyond just playing one's favorite band while cruising across country roads.

Harsh Environments: Governed by Murphy's Law Arden Henderson
What is a harsh environment? It might be a holiday dinner with the polar-opposite-political relatives, especially if later trapped in the living room by a crackling fireplace with the distant uncle who sends four chain emails a day. But, today we're talking about harsh environments for electronics. Electronics Hell.

Everyone Huddle Around the Toasty Firewall Arden Henderson
Let's talk about firewalls. Let's say the reader is working on something very cool in her garage and worried about industrial spies stealing her ideas right off the hard drive. Let's say the reader is ordering pizza with a smartphone app. Perhaps the new TV sitting over there next to the bookcase is one of those smart TVs that can be controlled by voice, which means it is listening all of the time even when "off." (Think about that for a moment with the aforementioned state-of-mind.)

Time to Talk About That Word "Cybersecurity" Arden Henderson
What does the word "cybersecurity" mean to you? If you only follow the most shallow of news sources and don't wade into technical depth, the word has bound to surfaced more than a few times.

Suddenly Self-Aware AI Making Itself Smarter By The Nanosecond: What Could Go Wrong? Arden Henderson
The "technological singularity" is almost here. No, really. Well, maybe not. The technological singularity is the event where true artificial intelligence comes into being, self-aware, and begins recursive self-improvement by creating entities better than itself. That's one way to put it.

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